PFN Doppler Vortac Relocation

Tyndall Air Force Base

NW FL Beaches Airport, Randy Curtis
6300 West Bay Pkwy
Panama City, FL 32409
(850) 763-6751

PBS&J/ATKINS, Phil LeGrand
120 Richard Jackson Blvd.
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
(850) 236-8675

CC&D Project Team:
Project Manager: Kevin Duncan
Project Superintendent: Mike Henderson

PFN Doppler Vortac Relocation | Tyndall Air Force Base

Project Description

This project consisted of constructing a new counterpoise in order to relocate the PFN Doppler Vortac from its existing site to a new site on Tyndall Air Force Base.  The counterpoise serves as both an electrical ground plane for the VOR antennas and as a roof for the building housing the VOR/TACAN equipment.  The steel erection on this project was very precise and done under close supervision of the Project Manager and Superintendent.  The monitor antennas, Teepee and TACAN had to be laid out in strict compliance with FAA standards.